Companies are an important client group of bureau Brandeis. In each of the sectors and jurisdictions we work in we represent various companies. bureau Brandeis assists companies in complex disputes, such as external disputes with third parties or even disputes that arise within companies itself. bureau Brandeis has the expertise required to assist with all these cases.

Our clients include the following types of companies:

  • medium-sized and large companies;
  • listed companies;
  • family businesses;
  • companies in difficulties.

All of these companies can be affected by external or internal disputes.

External disputes are disputes between a company and a third party. These can be contracting parties, such as a client or a contractor, but also professional money lenders such as banks or professionals, customers or suppliers. A third party can also be a party that, for example, infringes the intellectual property-rights of the company. Disputes can also arise with government bodies and other regulatory authorities, such as the Media Authority, the Games of Chance Authority, the Consumer and Market Authority, the Personal Data Protection Authority, the Authority for the Financial Markets and the Central Bank of the Netherlands, about the way in which they exercise their powers.

Internal disputes differ from external disputes. Different parties within companies do not always have the same interests. A shareholder may, for example, also be a director and as a result he or she may be less concerned with the interests of the other shareholders. These then, generally, are disputes between different bodies within the company. Other examples of internal disputes include disputes between a company and a director (or a former director), disputes between joint venture partners, disputes between the shareholders or disputes between the company and a shareholder.

We assist listed companies in disputes with minority shareholders and vice versa. Disputes within family businesses often arise between different members of the family. Finally, we assist companies in difficulties with substantive insolvency law and the problems that arise from reciprocal agreements, fraudulent transfers, directors’ and shareholders’ liability, torts and settlement issues.

Companies dealing with internal or external disputes are often under a lot of stress. When cases become tense and complex, companies and those involved need professional legal services of the highest quality offered by attorneys who are trained to win. bureau Brandeis’ attorneys offer sharp and incisive advice and litigation.

bureau Brandeis has positioned itself clearly. We choose not to represent the Dutch central government and, large Dutch banks, or accountancy firms. This means we are at a unique market position in which we can always represent the interests of companies without being conflicted.

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