We like choosing sides. It’s the natural result of believing in your case.

Litigation, you can’t always avoid it. At that moment you want the best in the business by your side. Professionals. Attorneys who know the legal process like the back of their hand. Attorneys who are seven steps ahead. Never afraid. With their eyes on the ball. A firm that fights for you, even when you are two goals down.
The name of that firm is bureau Brandeis.

Louis Brandeis

- Louis D. Brandeis (1856 - 1941)

Challenging the status quo

Our name is a tribute to Louis D. Brandeis (1856-1941), a top American attorney. He only handled cases he believed in. He spoke out for women in the labor market. He was critical of the power of the banks. Brandeis fought against railway monopolies and corrupt politicians. He fought for the right to privacy and freedom of speech. He was never afraid to take a stand and speak out against the establishment. He was appointed Supreme Court judge in 1916.

Unique experience

Flying hours, many flying hours. That’s what litigation takes. Any attorney may litigate. But many of them never see the inside of a court room. We know how judges think. We know the ropes. bureau Brandeis has more court room experience per square meter than any other firm in the Netherlands.


Call us old-fashioned, but we feel that an attorney should be independent. He needs to be able to litigate and advise freely. We are responsible for handling your case and we know how to get the best results. Sometimes this will be through swift and tough litigation, sometimes through strategic maneuvering. It is a strategy we choose carefully with our clients. But ultimately we are the ones who decide on the course to be followed.


The law is organic. Always in motion. We don’t see the law as a hard, unbending instrument. We shape it and think about it. About how the law ought to be. How it ought to work. We share our views on the law, when we are asked and on our own initiative. In opinion pieces, columns, scientific articles, lectures and to journalists. We are outspoken.

Martial art

Litigation is a martial art. Control is everything. Civility. We have high ethical standards but sometimes the gloves have to come off. We would rather outclass an opposing party with our knowledge of the facts, our creativity and our legal skills, however.


We like choosing sides. It’s the natural result of believing in your case. We are no hired guns. We will tell you when we don’t agree with you. We are not afraid of excluding others by taking a stand. We choose not to represent Dutch public authorities, large Dutch banks and accounting firms. The same applies to our Paris office: there, too, we do not act for the French central government or the large French banks or accounting firms.


We select only the very best young lawyers. No one is born a litigator. Experience is key. Watch and learn, take a few knocks.  We pass our lessons on to a new generation of lawyers. We consider the four eye principle to be vital in our job. We believe in permanent education. We share our experiences. We ask judges give us in-house training sessions.

An attorney’s attorney

We prefer a complex dispute. International cases with multiple parties. Class actions. Cases on appeal. Litigation before the Supreme Court or the European Court of Justice. We like working with others. Other attorneys frequently ask us for a second opinion or to act as co-counsel.


We are committed to our clients and to the society we are so much a part of. As custodians of the state of justice, protected by professional privilege, attorneys have a unique place in society.  We use our expertise to improve society. We often litigate to help set social developments in motion. In a small number of cases, when the public interest is at stake, we will handle a case pro bono or at a reduced rate.