Anita van Wees

Senior Attorney

Anita is senior associate at bureau Brandeis. She specializes in corporate law and dispute resolution and focusses in particular on the inquiry proceedings before the Enterprise Chamber of the Court of Appeal of Amsterdam.

Anita graduated from the University of Amsterdam in 2002. After graduating, she worked (amongst others) 10 years as Secretary of the Enterprise Chamber of the Court of Appeal of Amsterdam. As Secretary, Anita participated in hundreds of court hearings and drafted many of the decisions made by the Enterprise Chamber. In addition, she reviewed thousands of case files. As Secretary she also acted as first port of call for researchers and administrators appointed by the Enterprise Chamber in inquiry proceedings.

Since joining bureau Brandeis in 2016, Anita has regularly assisted directors and shareholders in inquiry proceedings before the Enterprise Chamber. She is also regularly consulted by other lawyers to advise them on inquiry proceedings. In addition, Anita advises clients on corporate governance matters and acts on behalf of clients in contractual and commercial disputes. Anita regularly publishes on the right of inquiry (recht van enquĂȘte, please see the list on the Dutch version of this website).

Recent work

  • Litigation regarding the dismissal of the directors of a foundation on the basis of Article 2:298 of the Dutch Civil Code.
  • Representing Greenpeace in summary proceedings against the Dutch State with regard to the financial support to KLM.
  • Initiating an inquiry procedure before the Enterprise Chamber on behalf of a group of shareholders in connection with accounting irregularities at Steinhoff International Holdings N.V.
  • Litigation regarding the breaking off of negotiations against a private equity fund.
  • Representing applicants or defendants in various inquiry proceedings before the Enterprise Chamber.
  • Assisting shareholders and /or directors in various in-company disputes, negotiating settlements and drafting settlement documentation.
  • Advising on Dutch law with regard to corporate board decisions for foreign proceedings.
  • Advising on the Dutch squeeze-out procedure.
  • Advising on the correct decision-making in, among others, private companies and foundations.