Louis Berger


Louis Berger is partner and founder of bureau Brandeis.


Louis is a recognized litigator specialized in: complex cross border and domestic ligation, class actions, antitrust damages litigation, corporate and commercial litigation.

After graduating from the University of Amsterdam, Louis Berger was admitted to the bar in 1997. Prior to Louis cofounded bureau Brandeis in 2014, he was partner at Spigt Litigators.

Louis Berger is admitted to the Dutch Bar Association and is among others member of the International Bar Association (IBA), the American Bar Association (ABA) and the Dutch Association for Corporate Ligation.

Louis Berger is editor of Cartel Damages Quarterly the bureau Brandeis’ journal on cartel damage competition case law.

An important part of Louis Berger’s practice regards class action and antitrust damages litigation. In these complex cases Louis’ long-term expertise in litigation come to its own right. Currently, Louis is involved in several antitrust damages cases, among others the so-called Trucks Cartel Case. In many of his cases Louis works together with funders.

Another part of his practice consists of shareholder disputes. Louis advises shareholders and directors in order to prevent litigation, but if needed also represents them in proceedings.


Recent work includes:

Retained by several oil companies in cross border litigation cases;

Regularly retained by one of the biggest Dutch hotel chains in commercial litigation;

Retained by a Swiss listed company regarding its dispute with its joint venture partner, a Belgian listed company;

Retained by the bankruptcy trustee of the former main Dutch meat producers in a multi million euro dispute against KPMG;

Retained by the former director of the board of several Dutch real estate investment funds in proceedings against bond holders and a compensations foundation;

Retained in several class actions and by claim funders.

Retained in Aircargo Cartel Case.






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