Stefan Campmans

Stefan Campmans

Senior Attorney

Stefan Campmans is an attorney who assists entrepreneurs and businesses in complex, legal issues and long-term disputes. Stefan has been an attorney since 2011 and he has worked at Brandeis firm since 2016.

Stefan litigates about business and contractual disputes, liability and complex issues, such as bankruptcies, fraud and international disputes. In his work, he acts for companies and for directors, shareholders or certificate holders in internal disputes. Stefan likes to think strategically about solutions.

Stefan has a special interest in family businesses because of the high degree of involvement, special dynamics and history. Stefan grew up within a family business and he still fulfills a secondary function within it.

Stefan obtained his Masters in Dutch Law from the University of Groningen in 2011 with specializations in Private Law and Corporate Law. Stefan also studied International (Corporate) Law at Uppsala University in Sweden for a semester. In 2019, Stefan completed the Grotius Academy’s Business & Liability specialization course.

As an attorney, Stefan is distinguished by his analytical approach, commitment and solution orientation.

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