Regulated markets

Sectors such as media, telecommunication, financial services and games of chance are regulated by the government, often in order to protect the consumer. Companies within these sectors are often confronted with new and complex regulations, both at national and European level. bureau Brandeis’ attorneys have long-standing experience in the different regulated markets. We combine our legal knowledge with both market awareness and sharp strategic insight. Years of experience providing strategic advice and litigating means that we have a solid track record in this area.

Regulation often lags behind technological developments and new business models following from those developments. We help market entrants with new business models to effectively use their advantage within this legal context. To do so, bureau Brandeis specialists bring their extensive experience into play.

Sound advice on the application of current statutory regulations is often not enough. Anticipating changes in legislation and policy changes is essential to the ultimate success of your company. bureau Brandeis proactively advises your company on market legislation relevant to you. bureau Brandeis also assists in bringing about changes in market regulation and when necessary we litigate on matters of principle. If, in the meantime, your company is subjected to enforcement procedures by a regulatory authority, we will successfully represent your company both in and out of court. bureau Brandeis’ attorneys specialised in regulated markets and competition law often work together in these types of cases. Both market insight and knowledge on the regulatory framework are thus guaranteed.

Moreover, bureau Brandeis is familiar with the different relevant ministries in The Hague and with regulatory authorities, such as the Consumer and Market Authority, the Personal Data Protection Authority, the Media Authority, the Games of Chance Authority, the Authority for the Financial Markets and the Central Bank of the Netherlands. At a European level, too, we have solid connections with the relevant institutions in Brussels. With regard to regulated markets we can assist your company with consultations, with license requests or with notification procedures and, of course, when problems arise with enforcement. bureau Brandeis attorneys litigate with strategic ingenuity. We not only litigate before regulatory authorities and the national administrative court, but also in complaint procedures before the European Commission or before the Court of Justice of the European Union.

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Regulated markets