The media sector is sizeable and dynamic. It includes companies engaged in various methods of content distribution by using, for example, the Internet, radio and television. Entertainment encompasses subsectors such as music, film and books. The sector is changing rapidly as a result of the current digitisation of distribution methods. In such a changing market, it is essential to have the professional assistance of a specialist who knows the market through and through. The attorneys at bureau Brandeis are such specialists.

Offering and distributing digital content requires an approach that is fundamentally different from the traditional distribution of physical products. This means that traditional business models have come under pressure. Bureau Brandeis assists producers and distributors active within this ever-changing market, but also provides pragmatic support to newcomers. In addition, we assist the largest e-commerce retailers and give advice to providers of online games and games of chance.Bureau Brandeis provides advice on and litigates issues specific to the media sector, such as:

  • advice on new (digital) types of retail and distribution methods;
  • advice and disputes regarding the protection of intellectual property rights;
  • advice and disputes regarding privacy protection;
  • disputes regarding unlawful press publications;
  • drafting sector-specific contracts such as distribution agreements and licences;
  • advice on licence applications from broadcasters and providers of video services to be submitted to the Dutch Media Authority;
  • advice on advertising and sponsorship rules in the Media Act and collaborations under the Media Act;
  • enforcement processes, for example initiated by the Dutch Media Authority;
  • advice on the applicability of the Betting and Gaming Act to Internet game providers.

Advice and litigation in this field require in-depth knowledge of the media sector and of the applicable laws and regulations. A committed and expert attorney who is familiar with the customs and practices in the media sector is best suited to serve clients’ interests. Legal developments in the media sector are dynamic. Therefore, it is necessary to have excellent knowledge of all possibilities that the law offers. The media attorneys working at bureau Brandeis are such specialists. They are at home in the media sector. In-depth knowledge of specialist intellectual property law and media law are fundamental to our team. As litigators, we know procedural law like the back of our hands. Bureau Brandeis is the go-to law firm for media cases.