Construction is a rapidly developing sector. Increasing numbers of construction projects are carried out by partnerships. These may be partnerships involving investors, operators, building companies and other players in the market, but public-private partnerships are also gaining in popularity.

At the same time, this dynamic sector is facing ongoing challenges, such as rising prices for raw materials and energy, increasing delivery times, changing regulations, shortage of staff and materials, and calls for sustainability. This may result in disputes.

We have specialist knowledge and practical experience in resolving disputes and imminent disputes in relation to construction projects. Negotiating a settlement is the preferred outcome, since parties often wish to maintain good business relationships and want to find an appropriate solution to the relevant dispute within a short period of time. If negotiations are unsuccessful, we will turn to the ordinary court, the Arbitration Board for the Building Industry or other arbitration bodies to reach a solution. We know the ins and outs of procedural law and are second to none in conducting legal proceedings.

We assist, among others, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, architects, engineers, property developers, investors and insurers. We advise, negotiate and litigate in disputes concerning matters such as:

  • partnerships/special purpose companies;
  • interruptions during the construction phase, damage or loss due to delay;
  • defects and warranties;
  • errors in design and implementation;
  • upward and downward contract variation;
  • ambiguities in the agreement (e.g. FIDIC contracts, contracts governed by the Uniform Administrative Conditions or the UAC for integrated contracts);
  • entering into or terminating partnerships; and
  • insurance contracts and coverage.

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