Lilian Welling-Steffens

Lilian is of counsel at bureau Brandeis. Lilian brings a unique combination of 30 years of experience in both legal practice and education and research in the field of Private International Law, with a focus on (international) property law, international insolvency law, international company law and cross-border torts.

Lilian has gained her experience both in the Netherlands and abroad and, in addition to her work in practice and academia, has also held several managerial positions and has demonstrable experience in various cultural settings. Her legal interest and expertise is broad, but with a clear common theme; cross-border and socially relevant.

Lilian graduated from the University of Amsterdam in 1992 in both Dutch law and International law. In 1993 she joined Leiden University as a PhD student. In April 1997 she defended her thesis “Transfer of claims and debts in Dutch private international law”, a comparative law study (Dutch, German, French, English and Swiss substantive and private international law) on the assignment of claims, subrogation, assumption of debt and transfer of contract and in which she formulated a proposal for uniform private international law rules within the EU.

Lilian was first sworn in as a lawyer in 1997, and after a long stay abroad, again in 2015.

In 2017 she graduated cum laude from the post-doc insolvency law course Grotius/Insolad.

Lilian is a regular author for SDU Commentary on Insolvency Law with regard to the EU Insolvency Regulation and also regularly publishes in the field of private international law, insolvency and property law in journals such as Ondernemingsrecht, TvI, NTBR, O&F and the JOR. For some of her most recent publications click here.

Lilian is a member of the editorial board of the journal Onderneming & Financiering (O&F) and a member of the knowledge development committee of the Dutch Restructuring Association. She is currently a guest lecturer at the University of Amsterdam in the field of Private International Law and Insolvency Law. She is also a regular lecturer at Grotius in the area of Private International Law, for which she recently taught a course on “the applicable law and jurisdiction in cross-border disputes in the financial sector.

Before Lilian joined bureau Brandeis in May 2023, she worked as a lawyer and senior legal counsel at Loyens & Loeff and Greenberg Traurig in Amsterdam, was associate professor of Private Law at the University of Amsterdam and lived and worked in Malawi for 9 years where, in addition to her appointment as associate professor at the Catholic University of Malawi and the University of Malawi, she  also advised companies in the field of financing and corporate law.


Erik Hammerstein

Erik Hammerstein is part of the corporate litigation practice of bureau Brandeis as a senior counsel. He specializes in corporate law, corporate governance and related proceedings. Erik Hammerstein has been a lawyer for more than 35 years and used to be partner at Höcker, NautaDutilh and Allen & Overy and has worked for a significant time in Asia (Jakarta). Erik has a very significant experience in complex corporate disputes and an excellent network.

Through the years, Erik Hammerstein has obtained broad experience in the corporate- and financial practice, and litigation in these areas. Erik is often appointed by the Enterprise Chamber as an investigator or temporary director in complex inquiry proceedings. Erik Hammerstein also was engaged in corporate classics like the take-over battle in the Stork case.