Fransje Brouwer

Senior Attorney

Fransje is a senior lawyer at bureau Brandeis with over 10 years of experience. She works in the team media, telecom and gaming.

Fransje first worked as a lawyer in Curaçao from 2013 to 2017. In her first years as a lawyer, she gained broad experience in both civil and administrative law. In various areas of law, among which liability law and contract law, Fransje advised and litigated for clients from among others the Caribbean, Europe, America and Asia.

Later, the focus shifted to administrative procedural law. Before the courts of Curaçao, Bonaire, Sint Maarten and Aruba, Fransje often litigated on behalf of the government and regulators on a variety of issues; from the construction of spatial projects to licensing in the financial sector and the interpretation of (then still) relatively new legislation on the level of the Dutch Kingdom.

Fransje joined bureau Brandeis on 1 July 2019. She now uses the knowledge and experience she has gained in the meantime in her work for among others various parties in regulated markets.

A large part of Fransje’s current work, following the recent legislative changes and thus new legislation in this regard, is advising and litigating on behalf of online gambling operators, both from the Netherlands as from other jurisdictions. Here, Fransje’s particular interest is in sports-related issues in this field, such as sponsorship to and other forms of advertising in relation to sports organisations and match-fixing. On these subjects she has also gives presentations regularly, including at the Royal Dutch Football Bond, the KNVB.

Fransje also advises startups on various kinds of contract law issues.

In her free time, Fransje enjoys travelling and can be found on the beach and in the sea for kitesurfing and wave surfing. She also enjoys doing yoga, in which she completed a teacher training in May 2022.

If you have a specific question or would like to have coffee with Fransje sometime, feel free to contact her.

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