Public affairs

Public affairs is the strategic process of anticipating political and administrative decision-making, social changes and public opinion, all of which influence the functioning of a company or an interest group. Public affairs is about promoting the interests of a company or an interest group by positively influencing the policy and decision-making process. This can be done, for example, by informing policymakers and decision makers at an early stage about the impact the proposed policy will have on the activities of your company or interest group. Or by letting policymakers and decision makers know which measures would benefit the realisation of your company’s or interest group’s goals. The media can also play an important role in this. Exerting influence in this complex and dynamic environment requires tactical and strategic insight into political and administrative processes.

bureau Brandeis’ public affairs attorneys assist your company or interest group in this strategic process. In order to make strategic decisions and to formulate a concise public affairs strategy it is important to ascertain who all the parties involved in the respective political and administrative decision-making are, which positions will be taken on the subject in the debate as well as how the social changes will affect your company or interest group. bureau Brandeis’ public affairs attorneys combine excellent legal knowledge and tactical and strategic skills with a clear sector focus. Moreover, they maintain good contact with all relevant parties. Meetings with key players can often help achieve  the desired result on important topics.

Sound and effective political lobbying is only part of the entire strategic process that public affairs pertains to. A strategic approach to your company’s or interest group’s PR activities will bring your point of view and interests into the spotlight. Formulating clear goals, defining a central message and selecting primary target groups – these, too, are part of public affairs.

Formulating an effective public affairs strategy requires a keen eye for the dynamics of the social debate. This not only requires awareness of and insight into practical matters, but it also calls for excellent knowledge of existing and relevant law and regulations. To meet these requirements, bureau Brandeis combines legal expertise with a strong sector focus. Added to our expansive network and our knowledge of and connections within Dutch and European politics and journalism, this makes us a respected partner in public affairs.

Once the policymaking or legislation has been implemented, litigation can still be an effective means to reverse or change government policies. As a litigation practice, bureau Brandeis is particularly qualified to litigate strategically in order to realise your company’s or interest group’s objectives.

Our focus on companies and (interest) organisations, has given bureau Brandeis a unique market position. We like to represent the interests of the innovator, the challenger. bureau Brandeis assists these companies and organisations in bringing about strategic changes within a complex political and legal reality.