Life sciences

Life Sciences is a fast-growing industry. The sector is constantly changing worldwide due to technological innovations, launching of start-ups, increasing regulation, growing competition, digitalisation, complex sales and distribution chains and ever more critical consumers and patients. Companies in this sector must have the ability to adapt quickly.

In such a changing and demanding market, it is essential to have professional assistance from legal experts who know the market. With our experience and specific sector knowledge, we assist national and international clients, such as start-ups, large SMEs, multinationals and investors in, for example, the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, foodstuffs and medical devices sectors. We often work together with the company’s legal counsel or general counsel.

We have specific expertise in the field of sector-specific regulatory and compliance work. We advise on obtaining licenses, marketing authorisation of medicines and advertising in this sector, and we litigate against regulators.

We also assist our clients in (impending) disputes in the Life Sciences sector and in resolving them. The manufacture and distribution of products in the Life Sciences sector is a complex matter. Our primary goal is to ensure that clients can carry on with their business operations without being hindered by disputes with other market participants, and to quickly and effectively resolve any disputes that do arise.

Among other things, we deal with disputes relating to:

  • commercial contacts, such as distribution agreements, R&D agreements, collaboration agreements, joint venture agreements and licence agreements;
  • product liability claims;
  • class action suits;
  • liability of customers, distributors and manufacturers, among others; and
  • trade secrets.

We also advise on competition law aspects and on data protection, intellectual property issues, and corporate governance specific to this sector.

Key contacts for this sector are Michelle Krekels and Simone Peek.

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Life sciences