The entertainment industry is a world unto its own. A world that is divided further into all kinds of different fiefdoms: music, film, streaming, books, sports, influencers, art, etc. The attorneys on the bureau Brandeis entertainment team have focussed on these sectors for years, and they know them through and through. Developments in the entertainment industry follow in quick succession. Within a short period of time, streaming has become a key influence in various sectors (music, film, TV, etc.). Digitisation is causing major shifts in all sectors. Artists and other innovators are increasingly making themselves heard. Contracts are getting ever more complex. Unfortunately, the number of conflicts is increasing as  well. For many years, the attorneys on the bureau Brandeis entertainment team have assisted various larger and smaller parties in the aforementioned sectors on a regular basis. They can rightly be called entertainment specialists. The attorneys on our entertainment team assist parties such as:

  • Spinnin’ Records (e.g. in the litigation against Martin Garrix)
  • Yellow Claw
  • Music Creations Publishing
  • Amp.Amsterdam
  • Netflix
  • Nike
  • Pathé
  • We have drafted several sponsorship agreements for world-famous athletes.
  • A developer of global loyalty campaigns for children
  • Art collectors and art galleries
  • Record companies
  • International artists and their managers
  • Production and distribution companies for films and other content
  • Parties in the book industry, including the Dutch Royal Booksellers’ Association, CB, the Foundation for Joint Publicity for Dutch Literature (CPNB), Mediafederatie and various publishers and authors
  • An international management agency in sports and entertainment and a football organisation

The attorneys on the bureau Brandeis entertainment team provide advice where possible and litigate where necessary.