Compliance is about complying with the law and regulations. It is important for companies and organisations to ensure that they carry out their work in accordance with the rules applicable to their sector; not merely to prevent enforcement and fines from regulatory authorities, but also because compliance can provide a commercial advantage. The compliance work of bureau Brandeis focuses, in particular, on privacy and the protection of personal data, telecommunication laws, financial regulation, competition law and media law.

Examples of our compliance activities are:

  • the international exchange of personal data within an organisation or between different organisations;
  • checking agreements for clauses that restrict competition;
  • assessing whether economically dominant positions exist or are being abused;
  • drawing up internal competition compliance protocols (see for ACM dawn raid protocol here);
  • data leaks and security issues;
  • the use of consumer data for marketing purposes and profiling;
  • saving personal data and privacy documentation;
  • sending commercial messages and behavioral marketing;
  • issuing user/customer data to investigative agencies and other third parties;
  • requests for inspection and removal of personal data;
  • the use of cookies and personal details for online advertising purposes and the relationship between the different parties involved in this process;
  • net neutrality and interconnection issues;
  • the Media Act;
  • the Resale Price Maintenance (Books) Act (Wet op de vaste boekenprijs);
  • Public Sector Market Operations Act;
  • AML, economic sanctions and anti-corruption compliance
  • gaining access to the Dutch market and facilitating growth in the Dutch market.

bureau Brandeis’ compliance strategies are always determined in close collaboration with our clients.. Together we analyse what we feel is important, set up a plan of action and manage the process within the company or organization. As part of a compliance process we can carry out various tasks such as providing written advice and we can also give practical workshops to your employees, help guide your contacts with the regulatory authorities, design new policies and develop new procedures.  By using our own data mapping technology we can, for instance, map out your full personal data use, including all the relevant rules and regulations. We always make sure our advice is practical and can be used at all levels of your organisation.

Compliance activities require specific skills and expertise. Our wide-ranging litigation experience and specialist knowledge means that bureau Brandeis is a perfect choice in helping you prevent or solve disputes with the regulatory authorities. As litigation specialists we make sure we provide our clients with excellent legal advice. Our thorough knowledge of the market gives us complete insight and helps us to develop long term strategies with our clients.

Compliance is often an international matter. bureau Brandeis frequently assists international clients with their compliance issues. Our clients vary from B2C internet service providers, such as ISPs, telecommunication providers, social media platforms, OTT service providers, and advertisement network providers, producers and retailers.

bureau Brandeis is an independent firm. We choose not to represent the Dutch public authorities or regulatory authorities. We do, however, still maintain regular contact with all the relevant parties, including the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM), the Dutch Personal Data Protection Authority, the Dutch Media Authority, the Authority for the Financial Markets and the Central Bank of the Netherlands.