Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is the area of the law which covers the settlement of legal disputes between companies and other market participants. A company might suddenly be confronted with all kinds of disputes. These disputes can weigh heavily on the company, making it difficult to focus on its normal business activities. Disputes like these demand a quick and suitable approach by specialists who are trained to win.

We handle cases such as:

  • disputes about purchase agreements, such as guarantees in take-over contracts between a former shareholder as a seller and a new shareholder as a buyer;
  • disputes between contracting parties such as suppliers, financiers, clients and contractors;
  • disputes with independent professionals such as accountants, civil-law notaries, tax lawyers etc;
  • disputes with banks and other financial institutions;
  • disputes between a legal person and a former director about a breach of non-competition clauses;
  • disputes with trustees in insolvency cases about transactions that occurred (shortly) before the insolvency.

When the stakes are high, profound knowledge of the legal playing field is vital. Commercial litigation therefore also requires a thorough knowledge of procedural law. We litigate before district courts, courts of appeal and the Supreme Court; both in proceedings on the merits and in summary procedures. We also regularly appear before national and international arbitration bodies. And we litigate about the enforcement of arbitral judgments.

The commercial litigation attorneys at bureau Brandeis have vast experience with all kinds of complications that might arise from summons procedures. We are deepening and broadening our expertise on a daily basis: we are a team of specialists who keep each other focussed.

During commercial litigation it might be necessary to levy attachment including prejudgment attachment, on evidence or items from which recourse can be had, in order to prevent essential information from being lost or to ensure that damages can in fact be recovered once a claim has been granted. On the other hand, you may need to quickly lift an attachment levied on you by an opposing party.

In order to be succesful in proceedings like these, wide-ranging experience in attachment law and enforcement procedures is vital. We have this experience and it allows us to do our job quickly and effectively.

We assist medium-sized and large companies, listed companies and their shareholders and directors. Our primary goal is always to ensure that companies can continue their business activities without being hampered by problems or difficulties with other market participants.

We have mastered all facets of procedural law. We are always interested in the specific company at stake. We find that it is important to immediately familiarize ourselves with the facts and circumstances of the case as we are only too aware of how important these facts are in the settlement of a dispute. Our commercial litigation specialists are at the absolute top of their trade.

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Commercial Litigation